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Are Our Priorities a Little Mixed Up?

If there’s one thing Americans are not good at, it’s prioritizing sleep. It’s not because we don’t think it’s important… it’s because our priorities seem to be a little mixed up.

The National Sleep Foundation recently published their 2018 Sleep in America® poll, and there sure was a lot of interesting information to sift through! The study found that approximately 65% of Americans believe getting enough sleep is important for them to be effective in their daily life. Only 21% of those surveyed strongly feel that they’re just as effective whether they get a good night’s sleep or not.

Given these numbers, it would stand to reason that the same 65% that believe sleep is necessary for their day-to-day life would also say they’re getting proper sleep, right? Wrong. Even though we know sleep makes us more effective, only 10% of us are prioritizing our sleep over other things going on in our daily lives. As a nation, we’re much more likely to put work, hobbies, and even physical fitness ahead of sleep… even though we know we need it.

It’s kind of silly, isn’t it?

The study found an interesting correlation between how we think about our day and our sleep challenges. 90% of American adults believe their day starts the moment they wake up in the morning, rather than the moment they fall asleep the night before. More than half of those surveyed say they generally don’t take into account how much sleep they’ll need the night before. This leaves us unprepared to take on the day ahead of us.

We have to do better at prioritizing restful sleep. When we sleep well, we preform better at our jobs, we’re healthier, and we can approach life’s challenges with a more level head.

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