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A good sleep for all, regardless of financial status

If you want to achieve your dreams—or achieve dreams—get more sleep. Not only can lack of sleep affect your performance, research shows that sleep-deprived people have less REM sleep when they do slumber. REM is a deep-sleep state when dreams occur, so if you’re not getting it, you’re letting go of your dreams. Metaphorically and literally, given that deep sleep is essential for restoration and overall wellbeing.

Unfortunately, three-fourths of Americans “report they have sleep problems a few nights per week or more,” reports a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). 70 million of us “are currently affected by sleep problems,” a number projected to swell to 100 million in the coming decades.

While a number of factors can contribute to sleep deprivation, an uncomfortable mattress shouldn’t be one of them. The right mattress can make a big difference in your sleep quality.

The impacts of insufficient sleep

Not to get all morbid here, but if you live by the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” approach, well, that opportunity might come sooner as a result. Studies have linked sleep deprivation with shorter lifespans. Less dire, but still important: insufficient sleep impairs emotional intelligence, promotes weight gain, speeds up aging, makes relationships more difficult, and can impact cognition (or, more colloquially, can dumb you down).

A good mattress, then, may quite literally be a lifesaver.

An easy problem to solve—right?

An overwhelming majority of consumers—92%, per a study published by the National Sleep Foundation—agree that a comfortable mattress is crucial to good sleep.

So what’s the best mattress? It turns out that “we have little understanding of the effects of sleep surface on sleep outcomes,” a longwinded way of saying we don’t know. That’s according to a 2011 study by RTI International, which went on to conclude that consumers don’t always know how to figure out the right fit for them.

The study had folks self-select a showroom mattress, then tracked sleep quality as these same people actually slept on various mattresses. The result: the best mattress for a given individual was often different than the one they chose.

Get the best mattress for you—and take your time

Significantly, none of the seven mattresses tested by RTI came out as the clear winner. Each one was best for a subset of participants but not a majority, suggesting that we each indeed have an ideal mattress profile for our body type and composition.

Considering the quality-of-life enhancement that the right mattress can provide, getting your right mattress should indeed be a priority. But take your time and do your research; this article from sleepopolis highlights some valid considerations.

No Credit Needed mattress financing

Let’s not mince words: mattresses can be expensive. While you can’t put a price on the good health and mental acuity that can result from improved sleep, not everyone has enough money in the bank to buy a mattress outright (actually, 40% of American adults don’t have enough savings to cover even a $400 expense).

Typically, those who lack the cash turn to credit for important purchases. Excluded from either option are individuals with damaged or thin credit files (a majority of Americans fall into this category, according to this Washington Post article). Enter Acima Credit, a no-credit-needed lease-purchase provider.

By offering Acima’s No Credit Needed option, stores can reach untapped market segments and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Given that Acima approves a majority of applications, the increased customer base can be substantial.

Customers can qualify for up to $3,500—enough for a really good mattress—and pay it off over time. By taking advantage of Acima’s 90 Day Payment Option, buyers can pay a mere $10 over the amount financed. Or, they can make payments over twelve months. Or buy-out between the 90 days and 12 months for a discount.

Acima is good for merchants and customers alike. Now there’s no reason not to have a mattress that leaves you well-rested.

Acima Credit empowers consumers and merchants with No Credit Needed point-of-sale financing solutions underwritten by machine learning technology. Consumers love the expanded purchasing power that Acima provides. Merchants love expanding their business into underserved demographics at no additional cost to them. Both customers and merchants applaud the speed, ease, and convenience of the Acima approval process. Acima is powered by proprietary artificial intelligence software and a world-class team of technologists and support staff. We’re in the business of expanding options for buyers and sellers alike.